This is me on my 1st day to a New Lifestyle. My start weight is 250lbs. My goal is to loose up to 8lbs a month. I started by going to the gym. At the gym I walk the treadmill for 30 minutes and then work the elliptical for another 30 minutes and that is my beginning workout. I then come home and work out in my staircase. I run up and down one flight of 14 steps. Then ill follow that with 30 squats, 30 lunges, 30 jumping jacks, 30 small arm circles then 30 wide arm circles. Once I am done in my staircase I then come into my apartment and complete my workout by adding in 30 crunches forward and on each side. I also do 20 leg ups, those are pretty hard so I do as many as I can. I try my best to push for 30. And last but not least I finish it off with 30 side legs ups on each leg and that is my full beginners workout. Hope you guys can use this info to better your New Lifestyle. Like, share and comment. Feel free to ask any questions!!!! #IfICanDoITSoCanYou


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