Its been a little while

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a little while but I am back. Over the past few weeks I wasn’t feeling to well. I had a minor cold which turned into a minor flue. Having the flue caused my body to ache a lot which caused me to have to stay in bed and rest for a couple of days. Sucked! Now that I’m back I have a few things to share with you all.

On Monday, March 24th I started attending different fitness classes. I am registered at a recreational center which offers a variety of free classes such as Yoga, Shape & Tone, Hip-Hop Abs, Tango, Zumba, etc. One of the classes that I have attended so far is the Body 360 class which pretty much consisted of working the whole body. I don’t remember step by step techniques but I do know we did crunches, squats, leg ups, we planked and a few other things. During the class we also used 5lb weights while doing some of the workouts. Another class that I attended which was on Tuesday, March 25th, was the Get Right Fitness Challenge, wow was that a challenge! That one was a little more intense than the Body 360, not only was the instructor that much harder on us but the workout was that more intense. The positions were held that much longer which I think made it that much more intense. For example, Orlando the Body 360 instructor would have us do 10 squats and then hold on the 10th one for like 10 seconds, with no weights. Shayvana, the Fitness Challenge instructor would have us do 10 squats with 5lb weights and then hold for 20 seconds on the 10th one, now thats a CHALLENGE for a beginner like me. At the end of that class, being that it was so intense I was going to go home and relax my body but then there was another class right after, the Hot Hula class, interesting class as well. I pushed myself to stay for that class too. GO ME! The Hot Hula class was fun and exciting, also a little intense for a beginner. The positions were all basically done on a bended knee with all the weight on the heal of your foot, kind of hard to stay in that position for a long time when your out of shape and new to it period. That class consisted of Hawaiian hula to a workout degree, not just dancing. I would name the name of the steps but I probably don’t even know how to pronounce them well. When I take the class again which I think will be Tuesday April 1st, I will ask the instructor to write those down for me and I will share with you guys. 

The time now is 5:06pm and I have a 6pm class, part 2 of Get Right Fitness Challenge. What was told was that this one will be harder than the first. It’ll only get herder for a beginner until you become immune to it then it becomes easy and you start to look for a harder challenge. 

Life is about CHALLENGING yourself, trying things you THINK you CAN’T do and accomplishing them. Pushing yourself to do and be better than the person you where yesterday. This is progression in my life and this is part of Michy’s New Lifestyle. 

Make the change you want to see in the world today. If I can do it so can YOU!!!! ❤


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